North Korea represents no threat to the US at all

North Korea missiles are very elementary and can easily be intercepted by US anti-missiles defense forces. When North Korea launches missiles neither Japan nor USA switch on their defensive systems. The THAAD system installed in South Korea can easily shoot down North Korea ballistic missiles in their ascending phase. Moreover THAAD grants US a paramount superiority vis a vis China, because it is capable to intercept China missiles as well. If North Korea were a real threat the US Navy could further deploy two ships with the Aegis system facing North Korea and the game would be over. In the end all this fuss about North Korea is well orchestrated to box China in from the Pacific side.
The western, liberal media will try to portray anything Trump does as dumb and dangerous. The media and the global foreign policy elite also, of course, strive to demonstrate their superior intellect and understanding. Thus, they make a huge amount of noise over every incident, regardless of how important or dangerous it is.
I am not worried about North Korea. I am more worried about South Korea for two reasons. First, South Korea is a mercantilist competitor of the U.S. that has harmed and will continue to harm U.S. competitiveness and U.S. wealth creating capability. Second, South Korea is strongly under the influence of China. Indeed, I view it as being in China’s sphere of influence.
I believe that Trump actually has a lot of room for maneuver and that he is using it to force the Chinese to make some steps that are painful for them and that they have tried to avoid. Ironically, if Trump listened to the elite, he would be getting nowhere with China. But by being willing to show that he is ready for confrontation, he is forcing China’s hand.
South Korea has played double, they have gravitated more and more toward China while being mercantilistic and taking advantage of the FTA with the US. If it was not for Kim, they would have become trusted China allies out of sheer economic interest (just look at their trade surplus with China and their being #2 investors in China after Japan). China did any effort to draw South Korea close and allowed them privileges other countries never got. Unfortunately Kim screwed up China’s plans. I do see North Korea as China’s first major foreign policy blunder. China’s policy of no interference carry limitations. They support countries regardless of who is in charge may he/she be corrupt, incapable, war mongering, in most cases it works, but this time they miscalculated big time.
With his apparently crazy behaviour Trump nails China to its responsibilities and he probably knows well that China has no control over North Korea. China will end up paying the yearly ransom to Kim and, as long as things stand, will not be able to project its power in North Asia much to its dismay. My disdain for Trump is huge, but if I see him doing the right thing I am happy no matter what.

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