Multinationals never ask what is good for their country, they only care for profits and bonuses

It is absolutely the case that for many so multinationals what Beijing thinks and says is far more important than anything Washington or Berlin says or does. In Washington these CEOs are powerful political players. Washington doesn’t tell them what to do. It’s the reverse. They tell Washington what to do through their own direct meetings with the President and other high officials and through their legions of lawyers and lobbyists and through the huge political contributions. In Beijing, these guys all kowtow. They are not players. They are pleaders.  We should not even talk about them being American or EU companies. I have sat on their boards and their advisory committees and I can tell you that the CEO of a major international company does not ask himself first “what is good for my country?” No, no,no. He or she asks what’s good for Intel or Siemens or whoever. And the interests of these companies do not coincide with the interests of the American or EU people.


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