Trump is about to launch a trade war with no way out

This is my comment about the article “Trump is about to launch a trade war with no way out” published on Financial Times
The journalists and the vast majority of analysts and commentators just have no idea of the reality. The Anglo-Americans (UK, Canada, U.S., Australia, New Zealand – the whole of the media and of academia in those countries, which, because of the widespread use the English language, are the most influential countries) are all nurtured on and inculcated with the neo-classical notion of free trade. Further, they have never known anything except an open and relatively heterogeneous society under a rule of law. They cannot imagine living under constant observation. For instance, they cannot even imagine living in a place like Japan which is nominally an open society under a rule of law. But in Japan everyone looks the same, thinks the same, and acts the same. And a person who is different is socially shunned. The saying goes that “the nail that sticks up is hammered down.” And that is exactly true in Japan. It’s not a matter of law or of lack of democratic rights, it’s a matter of sociology and homogeneity. Then go to China where they are talking about giving everyone a social value score. So if you smile the wrong, you’ll have to walk to work instead of riding the metro for a year, or something like that. Our thinkers and writers just can’t imagine the reality of that. It took Xi Jinping making himself President for life to make The Economist admit that the WTO probably won’t turn China into a democracy. And still, Martin Wolf at the FT maunders on about the evils of American protectionism. No, No. Don’t fool yourself.
Here the PDF of the article


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