To what extent it makes sense opposing China MES status??

Unfortunately he damage is done, we will never be able to rebuild the manufacturing capacity and the know-how lost, we must live with it. When I look at Italy, in spite of my blasting against China MES, deep inside I think that everything that could go is gone and whatever is left will be not be destroyed by China’s dumping, but will be eaten up by chinese competitors who are hungrier, stronger, more committed and leverage on much deeper financial resources. Every week an Italian company is sold, because italian entrepreneurs are pessimistic and think it is better to cash now, because later their firm may lose much of its value. I am afraid you will see that in the US will not be much different. When shareholders get offered a premium price, they are happy to sell. And look who has the guts to do manufacturing green fields in the US, it is chinese companies who can project the immense manufacturing base they have built at home.

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