The fundamental difference between the English and Italians was recently confirmed

It seems like the English are serious, and that they’re prey to an flare-up of pride and the desire to not admit that they messed up by Brexit.

But, at every fuck up, the English pull out their “Spirit of Dunkirk,” referencing the loss of the first part of World War II. Who knows why Hitler decided to pardon the 200,000 soldiers defeated on the beach, who were recovered by a hodgepodge fleet of any available boat that could cross the Channel. Therefore, in the face of debacle, while Italians cry and pray to the Virgin Mary, the English roll up their sleeves and tackle the situation the same way they tackle their their climate by virtue of necessity, and coming out (with the Yankee’s help as well as thousands of the Commonwealth’s soldiers) winners.

A fundamental difference between the English and the Italians has recently been confirmed: the Conservative party in power, that until not long ago seemed lacerated in every sense, between Brexiters and Remainers, in the flurry of candidates bent on squabbling over Cameron’s vacuum, is now more united than ever under the auspices of Theresa May and is strengthened by the rapid conclusion of the political crisis. Instead, when Italy is faced with a crisis internal factions within our political churches and chapels do nothing but proliferate, ultimately postponing the decisions to make in the interest of the country indefinitely.

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