My take on US-China trade wars and Huawei arrest

Trump cares too much about the stock market and its political consequences and looks very weak in his tweets on a possible trade agreement with China, too anxious to make a deal. Trade is not the only and main factor in recent market fall, there are many more, most of all we are at end of a very long cycle, but every media and every investor points at trade. And Trump seems to care. No one, no one is making the point that trade cannot be the main and only reason. I fear Trump is selling the country. Trump does look much too often and too carefully at the market. And, the media are so anti-Trump that they will blame any bad market news on Trump’s trade policy.  But Lighthizer and Navarro hopefully will stiffen his spine and as I read things, Meng is facing a lot of hard evidence. Trump can’t just pardon her if the FBI has a good case which it seems like they do. The Canadians are collaborating with the U.S. Trudeau said it’s not a matter for him to intervene into. The evidence against her seems pretty strong.