I’m not sure whether or not Trump knew it was coming. Remember that this is a relatively old case. The FBI would not be able to ask Canada for extradition without getting permission from a Grand Jury. On top of that the Canadians would have double checked on the Grand Jury decision before moving to comply with the request from the U.S. These procedures are not discretionary and don’t require the President’s permission or even that he be notified. I suspect the Chinese will be pretty upset and might well try to retaliate by seizing an American business executive. I think the Canadians probably will turn her over, otherwise there was no purpose in arresting her in the first place. She is not being charged with breaking Canadian law. The Canadians are just responding to a U.S. request for extradition. So If they were not prepared to extradite, I’m not sure why they would have arrested here in the first place. What I don’t know, however, is whether she can appeal the arrest to a Canadian court. If she can, then perhaps the court could overturn the arrest and let her go. But I just don’t know enough about Canadian law to say anything useful. In any case, I’m sure she won’t be changing planes in Canada or Mexico in the future.