Chinese citizens in US top Graduate schools of science and engineering: diverging points of view

Universities love to have Chinese students because they typically pay full fare. So US institutions are actually favoring Chinese over Americans for admission because they make more money from the Chinese. We need to have a much broader understanding of the threat the Chinese pose.
As long as they study is ok, but when they get hired on a H1B visa to work for Google is dangerous. But even the fact that they are studying, means that American young people are not being taught in those places. So, for example, take MIT. Say they accept 500 students annually out of the thousands who apply. If half of those students are Chinese, it means that 250 American kids don’t get to study at MiT. I think we will have to decide if US universities are mainly for the benefit of Americans or if they are global institutions for mankind. If it is the latter, then find, but don’t put any of my tax money into it.
Universities need diversity and global competition, they cannot become insular institutions, as long as foreigners pay their full fees they do not take much away from US students, because it is also true that many US students are deprived of top notch education. However Indians make up at least 1/3 of start-ups in SV, we need to think this thru.
Of course universities need diversity and having the world’s top students study at U.S. universities is a great plus in many ways. But there has to be a balance. What I have seen is a lot of university presidents who think they are global CEOs with global institutions. But when the revenue base of the institution is 90 percent or more in the U.S., and with the U.S. facing a major technological and economic challenge from China, someone needs to be thinking about educating Americans as a first priority. This is what I am not seeing. All kinds of effort is being put into getting more foreign students, more women, more students of color, but no one is thinking about getting the best American students and making sure that they are competitive with the Chinese. We have yet to recognize the full scope of the challenge from China.

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