Bombs in Thailand: a strategy of tension?

3 dead, Muslims from the south under suspicion as well as, obviously, the results of the referendum: cui prodest? Thailand has never before suffered terrorist attacks as extensive and coordinated as the most recent. The majority of the explosives were not designed to kill, but rather to signal a notable organization. It’s surprising if it’s really the “coming out” of Southern Muslims in Thailand. Obviously, those who support the regime are already pointing their fingers at Taksin, the Red Shirts, and the USA. The Hua Hin objective is two-fold: beyond tourism, Hua Hin is the second networked city in Thailand, the traditional maritime residence of the king in the local royal palace. The entire establishment– the part of Bangkok that counts– prefers to vacation at Hua Hin over all the other coastal tourist destinations. Today is also the Queen Sirikit’s 80th birthday, and a big national holiday for three days. The queen is in the same precarious health as her husband, the king. And if they were instead the “services” of the military apparatus? Maybe it’s a little early for the state, now that they’ve obtained the regime’s “legitimacy” with the referendum vote, to try to squeeze the jaws of control with the pretense of subversive terrorist forces. But, given all the idiocy they come up with, it’s not a stretch.

The organization of the attacks is more along the lines of international terrorism, but despite the police trying to implicate– as the hierarchy wants– the Red Shirts, it could be that the Muslims in the south created a national network, seeing as they have members of their community across the whole country.

In any case, today and in the coming days, we need to be careful going out in public places. This is an entirely different scenario compared to the bomb in Erawan a year ago.

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