Alberto Forchielli – The Italian Economist that talks the truth about Italy


Thanks to Ervis Micukaj who mentions me among the 5 people who inspired him in 2017, reading these words honors me!

Repost from Ervis Micukaj | 11 apr 2018
5 people who influenced and inspired me in 2017

Alberto Forchielli – The Italian Economist that talks the truth about Italy.

I started following him for 2 reasons: his toes and his non-conformist opinions.
Toes: he shares often pictures of his toes (airplanes, football stadiums, Harvard classes, etc.). He does not care about it and he has fun. He is unabashed about it and he enjoys the keyboard warriors who ask him to be more respectful to the social network. How does he respond to them? With more toes / feet pictures.
Opinions: he is one of the few people on the social network who begs young Italians to leave the country, go abroad, learn, be the best they can and then hopefully return. The issue is the last step: when will Italy be growing up and owning to its mistakes? He is doing his part in growing Italian businesses, but he is aware that we live in a global world. That is why he ALWAYS gives suggestions to young Italians on how to succeed globally and encourages every single one.
He has made plenty of money, but still wants to help and give support to the Italian youth.
Alberto is the only Italian in this list, but he writes / shares half in Italian and half in English. On top of it, his life is outside of Italy, but his heart is still bleeding for what is happening in the “Bel Paese”. I second all of it. With a lot less experience.
The final reason is that he talks about China. Not only by having heard or read some reports, but by actually doing and running businesses with China. Living and working in China he is a good source of smart analysis.
To summarize, here I go with the 2 questions and answers:

How has he helped me?

To keep working on my skills and studying to be my best. (private message he sent me over LI)

How has that translated into my results?

Find new sources of knowledge that give different opinion.
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