The resilience of Chinese young people

In regards to my prediction that the world will become Chinese, which I explained in my recent appearance on Nemo, broadcasted on Rai 2, starting from the impressive figure that China graduates 7 million students per year, noting that not only their qualifications but also their will to win in professional arenas, I’ll tell another significant anecdote.

I was in Shanghai a few years ago, and my collaborator, Jeff— one of the most efficient and studious people I’ve had the pleasure to work with— told me that he wanted to continue his studies in the United States, at Harvard.

I was proud of his ambition, but at the same time I was aware that it would be very difficult for him. In fact, at Harvard, there are entrance exams with minimum scores required for admission. For example, in the seventies I scored a 560 out of 800, and was admitted to Harvard. And so I expressed my worries to Jeff, but he surprised me. He had already taken the test, and scored 711. I was shocked, this guy was a genius!

Not long after I met a friend, a docent at Harvard. And I told him about Jeff with admiration. He told me that the minimum score was raised to 760. The reason? Because Chinese students accounted for almost 25% of the student population, and an excessive increase would have undermined the right mix of people around the world.

In summary, Chinese students go study in the US and challenge not only Americans on their own turf and in sectors they’ve always ruled, but our kids as well. This is why the world will be Chinese.


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