Probably we’re just pawns, probably we’re just puppets, probably we’re just Matrix’ bodies submerged in jelly, oblivious that our life is just a simple illusion. Maybe our wires ar[...]
Health care spending in China is increasing rapidly. According to a Deloitte report released in 2015, the country’s annual expenditure is projected to grow at an average rate of 11[...]
The stereotype of the willing Asian devoid of creativity may finally be relegated to history. The idea that Asians only know how to produce via systematic application has long domi[...]
Japan’s population is diminishing while Tokyo’s is growing. Abandoned houses are becoming more and more frequent in small cities and the countryside, while demand in the capital is[...]
In this article we focus on the Chinese university system, analyzing its major features in terms of structure, mode of operations, and funding. Finally, we’ll briefly reflect on th[...]