The Macau Amazing Guide For Non Chinese Tourists

If you are thinking of visiting Macau and you are not Chinese and cannot speak Chinese you may be interested to read the following suggestions, for your own survival.

  1. When you arrive at the airport or at the ferry you should take a taxi to your hotel or place of destination in Macau. Now, if you keep repeating the name of your hotel and the driver does not move and starts looking at you nervously you should understand the reason: most of them cannot understand English. So if you cannot tell them the name of the hotel in Chinese you may stay there for hours. But isn’t Macau an international city? Yes, I know how you feel about this.
  2. If it happens that you have a sudden serious health problem in the city, start to pray. Why? Even if you go to a private hospital, a good part of the nurses cannot understand English, so it means that they will cure you, but they don’t know what. There are good doctors in Macau and some of them can speak and understand English but in the middle of a heart attack (for example) maybe you may have no time to look for them.
  3. We return to the taxi for a moment. If you are waiting for a taxi and happen to find one that is free, but doesn’t stop for you but a few meters after you for a group of mainland tourists, it is not racism, but greediness. Some of the mainland tourists coming for gambling give them much more than the normal fare. But is it fair? No, it isn’t.
  4. If you go to places called Saunas to relax and the lady in charge of your massage starts to maneuver around your intimate parts and the atmosphere becomes “hot” (and not due to the temperature) it is not because you are handsome but because you are a chicken to be plucked. Most Saunas here are….you know what. So be on alert
Already Pubished on Aurelio Porfiri’s Blog