The Thai are racist and chauvinist, since always. Even if they’ve kept their doors open to the Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabs, Persians, Dutch, English, Americans etc e[...]
I Thai sono razzisti e sciovinisti, da sempre. Anche se dal ‘500 lasciano aperte le porte a cinesi, portoghesi, giapponesi, arabi, persiani, olandesi, inglesi, americani, ecc[...]
Today, there is no longer a difference between civilian and military technology; they are both subject to the same dynamics and threats. For both, the problem of technology espiona[...]
Oggi non c’è più differenza tra mondo tecnologico militare e quello civile. Sono entrambi soggetti alle stesse dinamiche e alle stesse minacce. Per entrambi il problema dello spion[...]
When the United States was founded, the population was overwhelmingly made up of Protestant Christians. When late 19th and early 20th century immigration brought Catholics from Ita[...]