Universities love to have Chinese students because they typically pay full fare. So US institutions are actually favoring Chinese over Americans for admission because they make mor[...]
It is absolutely the case that for many so multinationals what Beijing thinks and says is far more important than anything Washington or Berlin says or does. In Washington these CE[...]
For a long time, China imported a lot from the EU, especially from Germany. This included a lot of capital and high tech equipment. But the Chinese have now taken the German techno[...]
Era dal 2013 che i residenti supplicavano l’ente comunale di Kensington-Chelsea di affrontare una volta per tutte il dramma dell’assenza di serie misure antincendio a G[...]
Francesca Del Rosso, la nostra Wondy, era una cara amica. Ho avuto la fortuna di frequentarla fin quasi la fine del suo percorso terreno. Nel settembre del 2016 lei mi ha voluto co[...]