This is my comment about the article “Trump is about to launch a trade war with no way out” published on Financial Times The journalists and the vast majority of analys[...]
There are two primary causes that have nothing or little to do with current US behavior. The first is that the WTO is an evolution of the GATT which itself grew out of the Bretton [...]
You may have noticed WS was down 2% yesterday at the news of steel and aluminum tariffs. This is a consequence I anticipated since year 0, it should come to no surprise to you (rem[...]
Japan, of course, experienced the bursting of its asset bubble in 1992 and its economic growth slowed substantially. Eventually, the U.S. was able to penetrate some of the Japanese[...]
Look at the segment in this report on China and the Anbang takeover. Very interesting, but it is really that bad? My comments: 1) Things that look bad from the perspective of weste[...]