After family, teachers are the people that most influence the formation of our kids, both in terms of competencies as well as character. They are the people who know how to turn th[...]
We all know that Americans are born storytellers. It’s in their blood: literature, cinema, and journalism. They are absolute masters. Obviously, they haven’t been proven wrong this[...]
This rhetoric is fairly normal, but we must not box Xi in a corner, nationalistic sentiments from the web may overcome him, you cannot imagine how belligerent young chinese are. I [...]
“Mexicanization” is a term coined by the entrepreneur and economist from Bologna, Alberto Forchielli, who, with this neologism, refers to the fact that Italy is trending toward a M[...]
Caro Alberto, come sempre lucido, osservatore, intelligente. Frequento da trenta anni l’India. La Cina intriga, la Cina è un mistero che è affascinante cercare di capire. L&#[...]