North Korea missiles are very elementary and can easily be intercepted by US anti-missiles defense forces. When North Korea launches missiles neither Japan nor USA switch on their [...]
Tensions in the South China Sea are increasing, and there is no lack of new grounds for confrontation. A 60-year-old conflict is still unresolved; the two Koreas are still at war, [...]
John Kerry’s first visit to Asia as Secretary of State brought him to the three most important capitals in the Far East. After Seoul, Kerry visited Beijing and then Tokyo. The thre[...]
In Panmunjon, in the heart of the demilitarized zone, the border between the two Koreas can be found drawn across a table. A white stripe painted on the wooden surface separates th[...]
There are cracks showing in the normally solid wall of friendship between China and North Korea. The unprecedented visibility of a corporate dispute has sown doubt over the real co[...]