It seems like the English are serious, and that they’re prey to an flare-up of pride and the desire to not admit that they messed up by Brexit. But, at every fuck up, the Eng[...]
Ten days have passed since the public referendum that decided on Great Britain’s exit from the European Union. It was an unexpected decision, that we defined as damaging but [...]
8/5/14 by Michele Arnese and Michele Pierri Eni, Enel, Snam, Terna, Telecom, and Fca-Fiat. Chinese investments in Italy are multiplying as part of a precise strategy Beijing h[...]
Russia’s national emblem is once again the double-headed eagle, which was used until the Romanov’s tsarist dynasty. Since 1993, the heraldic bird of prey has looked in two differe[...]
Dagong has been given the green light to operate in the European Union, the Chinese rating agency's first international push to wrest market share from the "Big Three" that dominat[...]