Universities love to have Chinese students because they typically pay full fare. So US institutions are actually favoring Chinese over Americans for admission because they make mor[...]
Alcuni stralci dell’articolo, dove vengo citato, scritto da Giuliano Balestreri e pubblicato su Business Insider Italia: “Dal punto di vista industriale un matrimonio d[...]
It is absolutely the case that for many so multinationals what Beijing thinks and says is far more important than anything Washington or Berlin says or does. In Washington these CE[...]
For a long time, China imported a lot from the EU, especially from Germany. This included a lot of capital and high tech equipment. But the Chinese have now taken the German techno[...]
Il 25 luglio, a Cortina d’Ampezzo, in occasione della interessante kermesse “Una montagna di libri”, ho avuto il piacere di parlare ancora una volta del saggio Il potere è noioso. [...]