The situation in England is being compared to the “phoney war,” the eight-month period at the beginning of World War II (September 1939 to April 1940) during which, des[...]
Da un punto di vista strettamente tecnico utilizzare la NATO per cercare di far fronte ad un flusso di profughi nel Mare Egeo  che sempre di più rischia di sfuggirci di mano equiva[...]
Beijing finds itself much more at ease with Berlin than it does with Brussels. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent visit to China, the second this year, is a confirmation. Sev[...]
In an ironic reversal of fortunes, Germany now finds itself on the defensive, as Berlin’s economic policies faced doubts and outright criticism at the G8 meetings at Camp David thi[...]
Austerity reigns supreme across Europe, but speculation against government bonds hasn’t stopped and the financial markets are getting weaker and more volatile. Europe has been stru[...]