Despite the prudence that the name evokes (approaching 40 thieves doesn’t bode well for the company…), Alibaba is preparing to launch an IPO of impressive dimensions. Negotiations [...]
China’s flourishing economy has brought up many apparent get-rich-quick schemes. Sharp-nosed Chinese businessmen often flocked to such opportunities in an effort to make fast money[...]
The closing price of Chinese online retailer Vipshop (VIPS, NASDAQ) on March 30 was $4.35, down by 33% relative to its issuing price of $6.50 and bringing Sequoia Capital, one of i[...]
After a series of new policies (forced dividends and definite exiting system to name a couple) were initiated by the newly-appointed Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Com[...]
In a more and more globalised world, Mergers and Acquisitions are an essential mechanism of shareholder value enhancement, facilitating access to new markets, competencies and tech[...]