We are in an age of change. Whether we call new technologies disruptive or innovative, we can feel that past patterns of development will be completely transformed. We are now in t[...]
It would be a mistake to classify the ongoing environmental emergency in Beijing as a mere random deterioration. The dramatic news coming from China’s capital city is imposing acti[...]
Ever since July 1949, when it was designed by Zeng Liangsong, from the city of Ruian in Zhejiang province, and then approved during the first Plenum of the Communist Party in Septe[...]
What will happen when Mr. Wang and Mr. Singh, the average Chinese or Indian consumer, decides to buy a car? [...]
In a perfect globalized circuit, if you switch on your air conditioning in Beijing, you might cause the closure of a factory in the countryside or ceasing the smoke of a chimney wh[...]