A Leader, a Follower, and a Competitor States that want to achieve high standards of living and long-term GDP growth have to work on real improvements in productivity. These, in tu[...]
Media outlets corroborate my idea concerning Italy’s “mexicanization,” which is to say the process– unfortunately already begun and irreversible– that[...]
I was very pleased to read Romano Prodi’s editorial in Il Messaggero on May 29th, in which he elaborated on my reflections expressed during the Piazza Pulita episode earlier [...]
Innovation and investments to not end up like Mexico Confident reflections and bitter findings were at the heart of the Italian Industrial Federation’s annual assembly. The c[...]
My 2 week in DC have been a formidable learning experience. However I came away slightly disenchanted, I do not feel the Federal machine will be up to the task no matter who the ne[...]