Elizabeth C. Economy, Senior Fellow and Director of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, recently wrote in Asia Unbound (13 November 2014) that “ the United States wo[...]
China’s financial system and financial markets have undergone profound changes since the Reform and Opening initiated in 1979. Currently, the main elements and structure have been [...]
An exchange of adjectives is probably triggering a much longer-term process. At the PCC’s Third Plenum last year, Secretary Xi Jin Ping elevated the market’s role in Chinese socie[...]
Throughout history, no single professional financial-market participant has been blamed with such concentrated intensity and pervasiveness as credit rating agencies (CRAs) after 20[...]
By 30 November Australia will have a new parliament. Before then, however, her citizens will have to solve a puzzling dilemma: whom do they want to go with? With the USA or the Peo[...]