As China rises economically, and as it gradually becomes apparent that China's rise is unlikely to be held back by any external force, maintaining a stable and peaceful relationshi[...]
As China rises, and as China stakes territorial claims in East and South China Sea, this quesion is being raised ever more frequently: will China rise to become an expansional, imp[...]
While Confucianism constitutes the bedrock of Chinese culture, Daoism, Buddhism, and Legalism also contributed to its development. The overriding authority of the state and strict[...]
Confucianism is a set of moral and ethical behavioral guideline prescribed by Confucius to educate a society on how to maintain harmony; individuals on how to live an ethical life,[...]
The key to understanding China is to understand China's civilization, its evolution, and underlying cultural values. Most people know that Confucianism represents the core of Ch[...]