The shipping world has recently been shaken by three spectacular incidents: the full containership Rena, owned by a Greek company but chartered by MSC, in October 2011 was left str[...]
If giant ships cause problems for a terminal that is not a transhipment or dedicated terminal, they can cause even greater problems or, at the very least, are of no benefit to the [...]
“Marco Polo” and terminals Observing the official itinerary and the cutoff times indicated in the first round trip, that departing from Ningbo on 24 January, as per the MSC webs[...]
Can we be certain that a modern port has to plan for its development based on the growing size of containerships? Perhaps the time has come to ask what sort of advantages these ves[...]
After the housing and subprime loans bubbles we now have the container shipping bubble The epicentre of this quake has shifted from New York to Hamburg[...]