Xi Jinping was chosen to lead China because he is considered the most adept at finding a compromise between the country’s traditional strategic goals and the interests of the Nomen[...]
On March 23, Lee Kuan Yew passed away. This was a man who—thanks to a mix of rigor and long-sightedness, freedoms conceded in tiny increments, and effective public interventions—tr[...]
The image of violence seems to be excluded or infrequent in the representation of China. The prevailing perception is formed of a peaceful and pacified world, harmonious and mild-m[...]
There is a lot of discussion about geo-strategic assets between the two shores of the Pacific—especially the northern ones. Which is to say, that the fundamental principles of the [...]
Iceland just cut its interest rate, in your judgement, how bad is the low inflation situation in the European countries? The low inflation situation in Europe is bad, very bad. [...]