As always, my appearances on radio and television programs cause surprise. So it went the other night on Nemo, which aired on Rai 2. My friends on social media have been clamoring [...]
The “neo-colonists,” the “integrators,” the “speculators,” and the “losers”: this is how we can frame the relationships between European countries and their immigrant populations, [...]
Let’s analyze a few types of misfortune we need to keep an eye on in the near future. They’re not on the agendas of governments globally, and this is exactly why we nee[...]
What will happen in the Pacific if someone is tempted to pull a trigger or push a button? Furthermore: is the temptation real or purely hypothetical? Those who design scenarios kno[...]
Many of us believed that 1989 would be the start of a “new world.” After the Berlin Wall fell, we expected an era of democracy, rights and peace; the nuclear nightmare would disap[...]