Today, there is no longer a difference between civilian and military technology; they are both subject to the same dynamics and threats. For both, the problem of technology espiona[...]
1) Talking about China 2025 plan is too kind vis a vis China and condone China for the last 30+ years of economic criminal behavior. China started its economic war in 1979. What we[...]
A Leader, a Follower, and a Competitor States that want to achieve high standards of living and long-term GDP growth have to work on real improvements in productivity. These, in tu[...]
American suburbs, just a few months away from the presidential elections, present an unsettling spectacle of once luxurious towns that now have entire blocks full of closed stores,[...]
Donald Trump is correct to raise the larger question Donald Trump is mistaken to suggest that a president could easily force Apple to make iPhones in America by slapping tariffs on[...]