According to Wikipedia, “Guanxi describes the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence, and is a central idea in Chinese society…Guanxi can also be used to describe a ne[...]
China’s flourishing economy has brought up many apparent get-rich-quick schemes. Sharp-nosed Chinese businessmen often flocked to such opportunities in an effort to make fast money[...]
China’s economic boom through the aughts made many sectors seem like get-rich-quick schemes. Often it seemed like anyone with an ounce of business savvy and a few connections could[...]
The investment company Mandarin has bought companies in Italy with money from Bejing. Now it’s Germany’s turn. Alberto Forchielli loves the crisis, and he likes Germany. Not becau[...]
The closing price of Chinese online retailer Vipshop (VIPS, NASDAQ) on March 30 was $4.35, down by 33% relative to its issuing price of $6.50 and bringing Sequoia Capital, one of i[...]