Chinese are famous for knowing how to count the money hidden under their mattresses. It is a cheap mentality which teaches our children and ourselves that we are the only ones who [...]
Ou Yang stayed in Simone’s house a very long time that Sunday. She made very clear her wronged feelings and righteous logic. She cried a few times as she talked about the sacrifice[...]
At about 10 am one Sunday morning, Simone's cellular rang as she was preparing some documents for her clients in her home office. “Hi, Simone. It’s Ge Wen!” Simone didn’t know Ge[...]
It was difficult for Elizabeth to put herself back on the market again, after more than twenty years of marriage. The she lived in a small village of about three thousand residents[...]
Ou Yang would pop up at Simone's door whenever she wanted to talk or "needed" advice. Simone soon grew tired of Ou Yang's non-mutually-beneficial visits after seeing that Ou Yang w[...]