Unfortunately he damage is done, we will never be able to rebuild the manufacturing capacity and the know-how lost, we must live with it. When I look at Italy, in spite of my blast[...]
Damage to U.S. manufacturing as a result of TPP will come from Japan. The U.S. 25% tariff on light trucks will go to zero as will the 2.5% tariff on autos. Light trucks make up abo[...]
Let’s be honest, what is the first thing that comes up in our minds when we think about China and its citizens? You are right, that one. We think about the typical Chinese tourist [...]
If the predictions of a Chinese slowdown are undisputed, those of an analogous trend in the stock markets – even in absolute values – create more questions than answers. Despite th[...]
In spite of a mildly obsessive time during childhood in which I read tens, maybe hundreds, of spy novels, thrillers and detectives, nothing had me properly prepared for the Kafkaes[...]