It’s amazing to me that all the economics gurus seem to miss the point that Japan, China, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, and now Mexico have all built and continue to build enormous exces[...]
Actually, I think we have to take a deeper look. We tend to attribute problems with free trade to cheating. And, of course, there are instances of cheating. But, in my experience, [...]
The Chinese may write “Europe,” but they read “Germany.” Beijing has an aversion for uncertainty, it doesn’t appreciate ambiguous values; it prefers pragmatism to conjecture, and [...]
Acronyms can have a life of their own; they multiply, and draw inspiration from the animal world. The “BRIC” made its debut in 2001, and was later joined by the “S” of South Africa[...]
China has recently become Germany’s largest investor. The participation in and acquisition of German enterprises increased over the last years significantly whereas not only the in[...]