This rhetoric is fairly normal, but we must not box Xi in a corner, nationalistic sentiments from the web may overcome him, you cannot imagine how belligerent young chinese are. I [...]
The decline of Chinese tourism was primarily caused by Zero-dollar tour shams fueled by illegal travel agencies: the cost of the packages was derisory, but once the Chinese arrived[...]
Alberto Forchielli, explosive economist, lists the fears of the United States and the European Union, and the Celestial Empire’s strategies. “They’re numerous, th[...]
My dear Washington DC friend, Clyde Prestowitz sent this article to me and said: “I think this article  captures what is going on, Alberto, do you agree? Yes, I agree, dear C[...]
As always, my appearances on radio and television programs cause surprise. So it went the other night on Nemo, which aired on Rai 2. My friends on social media have been clamoring [...]