Intervista ad Alberto Forchielli del Fondo Mandarin alla vigilia dell’incontro fra Xi Jinping e Trump. “I cinesi amano e temono The Donald. Lo comprerebbero. Ma l’[...]
Beidou Navigation System Will Be a Global Navigation System Not Subject to the Control of the US China’s state media quoted the Russian satellite network’s August 19 re[...]
1) Talking about China 2025 plan is too kind vis a vis China and condone China for the last 30+ years of economic criminal behavior. China started its economic war in 1979. What we[...]
President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum to the U.S. Trade Representative on August 14, 2017 directing the USTR to determine “whether to investigate any of China’s laws, po[...]
For a long time, China imported a lot from the EU, especially from Germany. This included a lot of capital and high tech equipment. But the Chinese have now taken the German techno[...]