The Rise of Chinese Innovation On 11 August, startups have gathered in London’s Google Campus to compete to win the opportunity to fly to Shanghai for the International Innovation [...]
Boston, Palo Alto, Berlin, Shenzen, Beijing, and the Oxford/Cambridge/London triangle. In today’s world– and even more so in tomorrow’s– it’s the big [...]
Fiscal policy reform is on China’s agenda again. Its structure—both for taxation and public spending—was established in 1994, when economic records were still on the horizon and en[...]
A tremor of pride swept through Hong Kong, an attempt to resist absorption into Mainland China. International rankings continue to give Hong Kong first place in terms of transpare[...]
ohn Kerry just completed his trip in Asia after visiting Seoul, Beijing and Jakarta. US involvement has been confirmed—it’s the 5th mission in Asia in little over a year—but resul[...]