1) Talking about China 2025 plan is too kind vis a vis China and condone China for the last 30+ years of economic criminal behavior. China started its economic war in 1979. What we[...]
Dear Mr. Harford, Just read your piece on zero sum. With respect, I’d like to suggest that you read a book by former IBM Chief Scientist Ralph Gomory and former American Economics [...]
President Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum to the U.S. Trade Representative on August 14, 2017 directing the USTR to determine “whether to investigate any of China’s laws, po[...]
Probabilmente non succederà nulla, almeno lo speriamo, però questo è un caso interessante, in merito alla inadeguatezza – potenziale, in questo caso specifico – di governanti e pol[...]
With Great Britian’s vote now imminent, the prospects illustrate an astounding comeback by the Labour party in the polls since the surprise early elections on April 18th, and the p[...]