The gradual slowdown of economic activity in China marks the focus of January 2016 IMF World Economic Outlook (http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2016/update/01/index.htm). Th[...]
MPS può provocare una crisi una molto grave ed influenzare i mercati europei, sopratutto se l’Italia continua a mandare i messaggi ambigui che manda. 1. Vedo il problema di M[...]
Last year, China’s economy with less than 15% of the global GDP was contributing by 40% to the global growth. In 2014, China’s economy has started changing course. With the manuf[...]
The Chinese economy is slowing down; China won’t achieve its anticipated annual GDP growth rate. Although Beijing is struggling to acknowledge the country’s worsening macroeconomic[...]
The economic situation in Europe is deteriorating day after day and now it is the turn of the ECB to make things worse with its irresponsible monetary policy. Although the economy [...]