I was about four or five years old the first time when my parents took me back to see my father’s family in Hui Li(会理). Grandpa had nine children with my grandma, who brought wi[...]
This is the father of my father – a photo of him not photoshopped to look old or nostalgic, but rather the light brown color, like leftover green tea stains, emitting vague memorie[...]
Sunny’s school ended in June, so Ou Yang decided to go visit her family in Xi'an. Actually, it was to keep her head from spinning since the big decision she made the week before: T[...]
Ou Yang broke her commitment to her husband, yet at the same time, she strangely needed it too -- the kind of commitment that suited her, a promise to which she could reasonably an[...]
Elizabeth and Ou Yang never had the chance to meet up, either in the US or in Montreal. Both were busy with work, with children and with their own love affairs. Even in a world of [...]