Behind the crisis in Ukraine lie deeper changes that are transforming the global economic and and political order, say Giovanni Biava & Ernesto Gallo. What is at stake in Ukraine [...]
Many of us believed that 1989 would be the start of a “new world.” After the Berlin Wall fell, we expected an era of democracy, rights and peace; the nuclear nightmare would disap[...]
2014 is about to start; the centenary of the ‘great war’ is approaching. We have become accustomed to decades of peace (which ironically have led to the worst economic crisis of mo[...]
It seems that ‘Old Nick’, one of the devil’s English names, derives from Niccolò Machiavelli. The old Segretario fiorentino would probably make a laugh, and rightly celebrate the 5[...]
No, yes, then perhaps. In the Syrian crisis, the West (and Obama’s leadership) has lost its face. Somebody else warmly thanks; China, for example, which has been shopping in Centra[...]