Nowadays the realization of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) seems to be a likely scenario. On October 5, the interminable negotiations between the representatives of the twelve[...]
Health care spending in China is increasing rapidly. According to a Deloitte report released in 2015, the country’s annual expenditure is projected to grow at an average rate of 11[...]
The Chinese economy is slowing down; China won’t achieve its anticipated annual GDP growth rate. Although Beijing is struggling to acknowledge the country’s worsening macroeconomic[...]
Capital is flowing out of China at a record pace, sparking fears of financial instability and complicating the central bank’s efforts to support the slowing economy with lower inte[...]
In Mainland China, Shanghai and Shenzhen are the main financial hubs. The two stock exchanges have followed a similar trajectory since the beginning of 2015 (observable in the grap[...]